The Street Roller Hockey League recently became an incorporated not-for-profit organisation. A board of directors was appointed to oversee strategic governance and all that boring stuff.

The oppressive dictatorship of Commissioner Lourey is officially over. Please welcome your new SRHL overlords.

NICK GEERS – Chairmane

Nick GeersNick has completed his Bachelor of Science & Master of Human Resources whilst working in commercial real estate. He also has extensive experience coordinating not-for-profit sporting associations at a grass root level.

Currently playing for the Mount Pleasant Mounties & perennial underdogs Patrick Bateman, Nick has been involved with the league since season 2014a and brings a wealth of knowledge and a lack of any notable success with him to the Executive team supporting the Street Roller Hockey League.


ADAM WRAY – Treasurer

Adam WrayWhen he’s not captaining the Commish’s cross town rival, and the real MVPs of Wembley, the Blue Light Discos, Adam can be seen behind a desk at the newly formed Programmed-Skilled financial team. He was scooped up from his previous job at AHG as a wee budding accountant.

Adam is also part of his Cricket Clubs executive board and has been a member of SRHL since 2015a. He brings knowledge and financial advice to the role of Treasurer of SRHL.



Henry WestbrookWhether it be through Cricket, The Disabled Surfers Association or Scouts, club and community involvement have followed Henry around Australia and the world.

Despite his thoroughbred Northern breeding, Henry holds a degree from the school of hard knocks majoring in getting the challenging things done. Currently not and never to be a SRHL player, Henry will bring balance and commercial board experience to the hockey world.



Ange Van EsWith a natural knack for the “people stuff”, Ange lives and breathes community. Having graduated with a double degree in Commerce and Sociology she has spent the last 4 years working for a consultancy leading community development projects across the state. In her spare time she volunteers on a range of boards and committees.

Following in the footsteps of her Dutch forefathers, Ange claimed a land that is not hers. Despite regularly being called out for being the “rat” for not actually living on Rottnest (soz Commish, the pun was just too good) this Holy Quokkamole captain is well equipped to sail the good ship “SRHL”.



Sarah BennettSarah gone did a Bachelor Degree in Health Promotion and a Certificate IV in Community Services whilst working on community development projects for both local and state government in Perth.

With experience in social science, event management, not-for-profit organisational sustainability and as the captain of the Fremantle Cappuccino Strippers, Sezzy B will bring insight to the board from the perspective of a professional and a playaaa and someone who also plays street hockey.



Radhika KayaratRads has been involved with a whole host of grass roots ventures and community programs over the years, ranging from women’s prisons to environmental rehabilitation to working with disadvantaged young people.

She has degrees in journalism and public relations and is currently in law skool so can hopefully figure out how to maximise groovy times while keeping the commish out of jail.



Michael BarrMichael Barr plays for the mighty 6021. If there’s a lesson to learn from his Bandits, it is to minimise Canleys and maximise friends. It is way cooler.

Barr studied a Bachelor of Comms at Super TAFE and is currently doing media and/or marketing for the mighty Subiaco Lions in the WAFL.

Barr also lays claim to inventing the word shnip. He will fight you if you don’t believe him!