It’s lit fam


There are an odd number of teams. In theory there should be a bye each round. We release 2 rounds at a time so the two theoretical bye teams play each other. This match is added in the first fixture of each set of 2 rounds. So one team will have two Round 1 fixtures and one team will have no Round 2 fixture. Fixture the games whenever you can. You have 15 weeks to play 12 games.

Round 1
Chick Park vs Freopian Tubes
Fremantle Cappuccino Strippers vs Como Cunstables
Beachside Belle Ends vs PerthHub: Two Girls One Puck
Coolbinia Cruisers vs Joondnanna Jerryhatricks
Willa G-Bangers vs Balcatta Dirty Stick Magnets
Bayswatermelon Breezers vs Dianella Dirty Street Pies
Ardross A-rerollers vs Cruella De Leedervilles
Cruellas de Leederville vs Perth On Heat
Round 2
PerthHub: Two Girls One Puck vs Chick Park
Freopian tubes vs Beachside Belle Ends
Como Cunstables vs Ardross A-rerollers
Perth On Heat vs Fremantle Cappuccino Strippers
Joondnanna Jerryhatricks vs Bayswatermelon Breezers
Coolbinia Cruisers vs Balcatta Dirty Stick Magnets
Dianella Dirty Street Pies vs Willa G-Bangers


Fixtures are done weekly. Games should be played that weekend if possible.

The Swanbourne Supremacy vs Balcatta Bandits (GF rematch)
Patrick Bateman vs Como Mo Co (3rd vs 4th match)
Belmontgomery Burns vs C. Montgomery Cockburns (hate each other)
Bicton Banter Lords vs Morley Puck Troopers
Churchlands Hellraisers vs GMLA Angels
Greenmount Doom vs Bayswater Croquet Club
Swan View Draught vs Morley Flying Hellfish
Mindarie Molotovs vs Iluka Underground
Mt Pleasant Mounties vs Chicken Wingthrop
K-Town Cooks vs Rollerburger Leedervillains
Beaufort Street Hookahs vs Maylands Muthapuckas
Lake Mongrels vs Mullaloozers
Ocean Beef vs Northbridge Jack Rabbit Nosebleeds
Riverton Regretzkys vs How Much Wood Would A Parkwood Park If A Parkwood Could Park Wood
Claremont Cereal Killahs vs Canning Bridge Trolls
Bayslaughter House 5 vs Northbridge MDM8’s
Wembley Food Courts vs Victoria Park Bitters
Bicton Four ‘n Twenty vs Dianella Demons
GMLA Guardians vs Labia Menora Explorers
Innaloominati vs Dog Swamp Swamp Dogs
50 Shades of Graylands vs Claremonty Pythons
Palmyra Puck Patrol vs Black Wall Reach Arounds
Leeming Chin vs Manning Manchilds
Subiaco Silkworms vs Wembley Blue Light Discos
Scarborough Scar Bros vs Subiaco Slap Shots
St James Addictions vs Perth Flayva Flavs
Wilson Castaways vs South Perth Major Blazers
Scarbara Kadabra vs Inglewood Coldcuts
City Beach Kooks vs Doubleview Double Yewws
Osborne Trailer Puck Boys vs Bicton Bath Salts
Perth Glory Holes vs North Perth Bald Beavers
Stoneville Sloths vs Mörley Crüe
Rottnest Holy Quokkamoles vs Freo Dirty Dog Beachers
Nedlands Flanders vs Booragoonbagz
Swanbourne Nudists vs Marmion Mighty Drunks
North Beach Bearded Clams vs Roleystone Henges
Bayswater Barracudas vs Whitfords City Turbo Tuggers
Get Bentley vs You Used to Como on my Cell Phone
GMLA Jurassic Pucks vs Stirling From the Bottom Now We’re Here
Balingup Bruisers vs Dalkeith Urban’s
Stirling Archers vs Hillarys Humpbacks
Peanut Butter Shelley vs Bull Creek Buttchuggers
Kalamunda Hillbillies vs Rocko Rodents
East Freo Bae Blades vs Fremantle Metropolis Double Blacks
Swanbourne Sand People vs Jason Alexander Heights
Harambaeyswater vs Yokine Drugs n’ Crime
Mount Lawless Low Lives vs Perth City Puck Pirates
The Fresh Prince of Beel-iar vs Mount Hawt’n’horny
Embleton Emus vs F.I.R.E.
Karrinyup Puck Buddies vs Paddington Bears
Baldivis Reapers vs Parkerville Drop Bears
Bayswater Marauder Otters vs Belmont Poon Bears
Melville Mighty Pucks vs Winthrop Multiple Scoregasms
Leederville Green Cocks vs Perth City Misfits