The story so far…

Perth’s Street Roller Hockey League (SRHL) was first conceived in 2013 by local dreamer Eamonn Lourey. Word spread amongst Lourey’s social sport hungry friends and 4 foundation franchises were locked in. Our ‘Original Four’ comprised of the Hamersley Rangers, Cottesloe Street Sharks, Mosman Park Murderers and Dalkeith Ducks.

The league was released onto the interwebs and another 6 teams joined in for Season #1. The vast majority of our inaugural season’s players had never played any form of ice or inline hockey prior to joining the SRHL.

Fast forward 6 seasons/3 years and the league has grown to a 117 team strong family. We have self-funded our own street hockey specific rink in Bayswater and plans are in place for our second and third facilities.

The SRHL aims to disrupt the traditional model of delivering social sport. Game times are extremely flexible for the busy Gen Y-er of today. Each team has one fixture a week. The two team’s respective captains sort out a time that is mutually suitable for both teams. A lot of sports lovers that can no longer commit to the two trainings and a weekend day game that most organised sports demand are playing street roller hockey and loving this flexibility.

The SRHL allows you to schedule sport around your life, rather than life around your sport. But wait! It’s not just about the sport. Come down and make some new friends or become a social member of the Bayswater Bowls Club. We have loads of events throughout the year both day and night.

How can I join?

All you need is 4+ friends that are keen to ‘bleed for your burb’, some skates and a stick, and a good attitude and you are ready to play in the Street Roller Hockey League. For more info email

Our next season starts mid-to-late August. Get your team ready now!


2016a registration was $40 for captains and $55 for regular players.

This fee goes towards keeping the league running. We have recently become an official not-for-profit incorporated sporting association. We endeavour to run like any other sporting club in Perth and are receive funding by registration, fundraising, exhibition events, grants and sponsorship.