Southern Dictator for the upcoming All Stars Weekend 2016a.: Nicholas Greers

Fascist team of “patriots”: Sarah Bennett – Leader of Women; Fire Support & Training Jack McCracken – Leader of the TurbPros; Tsunami & Earthquake Response Matthew Curry – Leader of Sophomores; Crowd &/or Traffic Control Paul Monaco & Co. – Chief Organiser of Rookies; Panic Response Team Me – Leader of All Stars; Management Try outs for Ladies, Rookies & Sophomores are on Monday 25th April (Public Holiday Monday) from 10am – 12pm at Surrey Road in Rivervale Limited All Stars spots and new TurbPros try outs are scheduled for 10am Monday 25th April @ the Slab. Soz for the early one but I want it over asap as people have games scheduled in the afternoon.

FAQs Q: I play for an Eastern Team, where do I fit in with all of this ‘North v South’ banter? A: Sorry but you’re South (unless the Northern Overlord overrules me). We follow the line of the River that birthed this great movement.

Q: I played ice/inline X months/years ago, can I play in the Rookies/Sophomores/All Stars? A: Sorry but formalized training renders you unavailable for anyone bar the TurbPros.

Q: I can’t make the try-outs because you’re a flog who’s given me less than a weeks notice, what now? A: Sorry, organization isn’t a strong point in this league. Please contact your respective captain and ask them. They’ll commit a detailed character review and let you know if you’ve made the cut.

Q: How will I know that I’ve successfully made it so that I can prepare my goal celebrations? A: You’ll be messaged by your respective Captain shortly after the Monday try outs.