At the start of 2016B commissioner Flourey put forward the motion that each player was to play for no more than two teams. For your average SRHL Joe this had little impact, but for the self proclaimed ruler of the south it was a different story.

The Big Cheese aka James Versluis aka the guy who doesn’t know the difference between banter and bullying was hit hard by this new rule. Salty tears flowed out The Big Cheese’s eyes in an emotional breakdown not seen since Nick Geers’ dream team got knocked out of the 2016a Canley Cup finals.

What would everyone’s favourite keyboard warrior do? He’d have to stay with the Banter Lords so they could lose in another OT quarter final but what about the other 12 teams he was on the roster for?

There was the flawlessly managed Bicton 420s under the exemplary supervision of Paul Monaco, Black Wall Reach Arounds, Leeming Chin, Palmyra Puck Patrol, South Perth Shakas and he was even reportedly spotted playing for a Patrick Bateman – just to name a few teams.

If you follow the SRHL page well enough, you’d be familiar with Lukas Subterráneo and his posts about ILUKA UNDERGROUND, a suburb that none of the players have even visited never mind live in. Well that’s just another one of the Big Cheese’s teams.

So what was there for a keyboard warrior to do?

8 Google Forms later and the solution was clear courtesy of a friendly Scar Bro – BECOME A FREE AGENT!

But what does that even mean? It means technically you adhere to the commish and sign up for two teams but then say you’re a free agent and just continue to fuck shit up as a ‘fill in’ / go round being a flog as per seasons past.

If your team is short on numbers don’t hesitate to contact James Versluis via personal Facebook message or through the Street Roller Hockey League Facebook group.

Article by Zach Tooley