Prior to the 2016a season, SRHL stalwart Nicholas “Nick” Geers had laced up the blades for 4 mildly successful seasons as part of the Mt Pleasant Mounties squad. The Mounties, featuring no TurbPro’s, picked up the sport fairly quickly winning the first 2 “People’s Choice” matches at Hockeyfest IV and Hockeyfest V.

Geers knew deep down these results were tainted as his no Pro arch-nemesis’ the GLMA Guardians, were playing off for the actual Canley Cup championship. A winner by default. An asterisk forever tainting his teams reputation.

Geers was overheard at Hockeyfest V by an undercover reporter “GMLA are flogs at field hockey. Me and me mates chop em 11 times out of 10. If I could just trim some of the fat from my Mounties squad this would be me holding up a trophy made out of empty Emu Export cans. Fark the Nawthhhh.” This rage didn’t dissipate over the summer months and Geers got to work on curating his SRHL fantasy team.

First acquisition was understandably his better twin Sam Geers. Despite only playing half the amount of seasons Nick has, Sam has turned out to be twice as good. Nick’s blinkers for success and admiration have overpowered his jealous rage for the first time in his life.

Next Nick set his sights on a TurbPro that could get them over the line against the elk of such teams as the Guardians or Bandits. He liked the look of former-Australian Inline Hockey player James “Showtime” McHale and slowly started creeping on him at the slab, online and at Amps until McHale had no choice but to join his inner circle.

Como Mo Co captain Morgan Jones was his next big signing. Jones rode the Tristan Box coat tails to a Canley Cup at Hockeyfest IV and thus has the big game experience Nick was after.

That’s a starting line of Geers-Geers-McHale-Jones, the 95-96 Bulls of the 2016a SRHL season. They added the only Mountie that would listen to his dribble and not call him out on it Matt Bowater and a newbie field hockey legend Patrick Welsh to ride the pine. These two would only get game time if someone busted a wheel or themselves at Amps the night before.

They settled on the name Patrick Bateman because Nick Geers is a street hockey sociopath. They are 3-0 to start the season with a coldblooded execution of the once great Balcatta Bandits their biggest scalp thus far.