Perth’s Street Roller Hockey League, in conjunction with the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority and the State Government of Western Australia, are pleased to formalise an agreement that will see the construction of a second street hockey specific rink in Perth’s southern suburbs.

A recent spike in traditional media interest provided just the push that the State Government needed to commit funding to the project. Whilst the exact location is still top secret, it is thought to be a two-horse race between the City of Mandurah and the City of Fremantle.

Fremantle Mayor Dr Brad Pettitt said “The City of Fremantle are committed to bringing this exciting project to its true home. The first Hockeyfest in SRHL history was held on our rooftops and we have enough trendy small bars selling various Emu products to keep the punters happy. In my opinion a roller hockey rink in Freo is a no-brainer. The subsequent influx of youth to the port city will provide economic flow on effects to local businesses that far outweigh the costs of implementing such a project.”

The Mayor of Mandurah Marina Vergone was hopeful that the SRHL would make Mandurah its new home. “As a city Mandurah is on the brink of exciting change. Over the next two decades it will welcome a dramatic wave of people attracted by the area’s abundant resources, picturesque environment and viable lifestyle. Garnering the support of the Street Roller Hockey League is just the beginning of a multi-faceted plan to make Mandurah great again”

When pushed for comment Commissioner Eamonn Lousey stated “I’m sitting on the fence because obviously either proposal will be good for the sport. If I had to choose between the two locations I’m probably leaning towards a Mandurah rink. Strategically it will open up a whole new market to the exciting sport that is roller hockey whilst also ensuring our northern rink in Bayswater is still utilised as much as possible.”

Rink 2.0 is due to be completed in time for the 2016b season. It is assumed that all NOR teams will use Bayswater as their home whilst all SOR teams will play out of the new Mandurah/Fremantle base. A few rounds of Transperth sponsored interleague play will be incorporated into each season to encourage social mingling beyond geographic boundaries and socio-economic class systems.